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Why do we need to raise debt ceiling?
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       I do not understand our government's need to raise the debt level ... it is already a huge amount. Why do we need to do this? And why do they always say ... we're cutting Social Security, education, police and firemen's salaries? Why not take every bill that is before the legislators and cut their price tag in half? That should certainly help with the debt level. Then pay back to Social Security all that has been borrowed from it ... with good interest.
       I was a single parent for 25 1/3 years, left with an 8-month-old daughter to raise. Her father never paid any child support, so I worked a full-time job and two part-time jobs. Money was very tight, but I was able to put a little aside for emergencies. My daughter won a four-year scholarship, graduated with two Bachelor's degrees, then went on to win a Master's degree at Vanderbilt University. It can be done.
Jo Ann N. Gruner

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