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Why do lawyers need federal assistance to help battered women
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      I read last Sunday's letter to the editor by Mr. Horton lauding Jimmy Franklin and Johnny Isakson for securing "unlimited FDIC insurance on lawyer trust accounts throughout the United States" and stating, "The loss of that insurance would have drastically damaged charities throughout the nation."
     Why do lawyers have unlimited FDIC insurance in the first place? Do any and all occupations and vocations have this privileged access to have their trust funds unlimitedly backed by the federal government?
      If lawyers are working to help battered women and their children does this mean they only do so if they have the unlimited backing of the United States government?
      These programs to help the needy, the middle class, the poor are exactly what President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are and have been working for, while being stopped over and over and over with the Republican vote - the bloc vote, as the Republican members of Congress have consistently voted a bloc vote of "no" on any and everything proposed.
      These bloc votes take no thought, just vote as your are told, which both of our Georgia Senators, Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss, have followed; just vote no! Do as you are told.
      These programs to help all and create and ensure "justice for all" should be the law and actions of our federal and state governments, openly available and always there.
      Congress members should never have to be petitioned, asked for, favors promised, even moneys paid to gain and ensure - "justice for all".
E. Ruth Green, Ph.D.


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