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Where is justice when it comes to collecting a debt?
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       I preface what I am about to write by stating that this complaint about the law failing to protect and assist the victim has nothing to do with what is happening in Florida.
       We all assume that the law will protect us and correct miscarriage of justice. I found that not to be entirely true.
       For instance, if someone takes money from you and fails to give it back, you have the option of going to Magistrate Court. However, before you can make a charge against someone, you must pay $95. If you don't have $95, you may file as an indigent (one who is unable to pay the charge.)
       When the complaint is evaluated and it's found that your charge is legitimate, the judge sends the sheriff to serve papers to the person charged. They are given 45 days to comply, deny or make arrangements about paying. If they do not come or respond in any way, nothing is done. They should be compelled to come! Penalty? Jail?
       The victim is given a document where they can garnish the wages of the guilty person, freeze their bank accounts for another (Fefa) fee of $10. This process can go on for seven years.
       It's up to the victim to find the Social Security number, job and bank account!
       Each time the guilty person's accounts are attempted to be collected upon, the victim must pay $95. This is added to the amount owed and it may be returned to the victim if they ever retrieve their lost money.
       I think this legal way of handling this problem is ridiculous. Yes, it is the law! I ask, why should any citizen be required to pay various charges to enact a claim and get their money through such a process?
       I cite this as being unjust and this process should be investigated and changed. Our officials are paid well to do their jobs.  Why are extra fees needed? Why does the guilty not pay?
       I am a senior citizen. I won and I paid the (Fefa) charge so I can fight this out for seven years. I may not be around then. Do you get the point?
       Oh, where is Lady Justice?
S.A. Lane

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