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What are we humans waiting for?
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Editor: • "Democrats don't want to be seen with President Obama, even though he has accomplished much of what they wanted", wrote editorialist Byron York. • "GOP, TEA Party Off Target", wrote Donald W. Goebel Jr. on 9/25. • Many opinions say that the current state of the economy is the president's fault and a new or different president will make it all better. • Conflict burning like a wildfire consumes congress' capacity to make decisions for the good of us all.• In-fighting among the GOP candidates leaves the scene looking more like a game show for someone to win. The above call my attention to that great philosopher and theologian of the comic strips Pogo, "We have met the enemy and it is us!" ("... it is we" would be more grammatically correct). Even Mitt Romney indicated that the president cannot create jobs and then proposes that if elected president, he will create them; and if elected and the slowness of the economy expanding jobs persists another four years, the scapegoat-vengeance-making brain of humanity would turn against him also.
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