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We the People need a tax break!
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      Here we go again. Tax and spend!
      When will the county commissioners give the taxpayers a break? When was the last time they called for a reduction in taxes?
      Why are we paying them to come up with new unnecessary government projects that require higher and higher taxes? I thought their job was to manage the legitimate government services – police, fire, public roads not a tax allocation district for I-16/US 301 industrial park and a new ag venue (previously called equestrian venue).
      They want us to renew the SPLOST Taxes due to expire so they can raise $76 million for these unnecessary projects. Folks, this will go on and on until “We the People” put a stop to this tax and spend binge.
      These projects will be our bridges to nowhere. This is same thing the federal government has been doing the past 60 years and why our country is $14 trillion in debt.
      The mayors of Brooklet, Portal, Register and Statesboro should reject this effort to tax the people. “We the People” need to vote no on Nov. 8, 2011 to extend these SPLOST taxes.
Tom McElwee

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