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Uniforms not such a great idea in Evans County
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      In last Sunday's edition of the Herald there was a letter from a gentleman who suggested that Bulloch County should follow Evans County Schools in implementing a school uniform policy.
      He made reference to certain surveys being sent out to the parents in which the parents showed they were overwhelmingly in favor of uniforms. This is not fact. Of the surveys sent out only about 10 percent were returned, of those only about 40 percent were in favor.
      The Evans BOE chose to have committees, which they promptly loaded with people who were pro-uniform, from each school to get together and discuss the policy, then meet with the BOE to provide their determinations in report form.
      These meetings were a staged event, Dog-n-Pony show style, that were only meant to justify a poorly conceived policy to be put in place by an incompetent administration and BOE. We already had a dress code and the proper enforcement of it would have been sufficient.
      State law mandates that if a public school system implements a policy locally then that will be responsible for providing for those kids who cannot pay for it, in other words if anybody claims a hardship then the school system will be responsible for buying them uniforms. This is not a problem for Evans BOE, they just raised our taxes this year and they will no doubt have no problem doing it again.
      The reasons that were given to justify the implementation of such a policy bordered on the silly to the just ridiculous.
      Did anyone know little ole' Claxton is a haven for teenage gang activity?,
      Or did ya'll know that uniforms will cut down on teenage pregnancy?
      It is my opinion that forcing our kids into uniforms is a violation of their freedom of expression and infringes on their right to be an individual. BOE and most teachers claim that uniforms are going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and with two of our schools failing to meet AYP. Indeed, our high school is in a fourth year in "needs to improve status." I hope they're right, but the facts say otherwise.
      I wish they would have spent more effort doing something about their own runaway budget so they would not have to have raised our taxes. Did I mention we are currently building a new $8 million middle school?
      It is my suggestion to the citizens of Bulloch County that if you have an inkling that uniforms are being considered by your local BOE, organize and fight it immediately!
Glenn Lanier
Evans County Citizen

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