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Trump a worthy and respectable candidate for president
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   Donald Trump is making waves talking about running for president. So why would he make a good president?         It is simple. He is a self-made man. In other words, he is a true American! The following analogy will help explain what I mean.
       The difference between Donald Trump and General Electrics’ Jeffery Immelt, President Obama’s friend, is this. Donald Trump used his own money, put it at risk, and through hard work and individual responsibility built his business from nothing to a billion dollar industry.
      Jeffery Immelt was made the CEO of General Electric, a paid employee, with no skin in the game other than his own job.  When Jeffery Immelt ran the companies’ stock into the ground, he turned to his friend President Obama who he had given millions of dollars of corporate money, not his own money, for his 2008 campaign. President Obama in turn used government stimulus dollars to bailout Jeffery Immelt and General Electric. General Electric earned $14.2 billion in profit in 2010, but paid no taxes. GE stock shot up.
       Jeffery Immelt is the prototype CEO of many big corporations and big banks. These CEO’s turn to the politicians to write the tax codes, that helps their company at the expense of their competition. They are true socialist CEO’s that use government to grow the company as opposed to those Capitalist companies that want the government out of the free market and back to a level playing field. Donald Trump would expose this fraud and collusion.
       The 2012 election will be about Socialism vs. Capitalism, Big Government vs. Small Government, and high taxes vs. low taxes, dependency vs. prosperity and individual responsibility vs. group rights. Donald Trump is a capitalist who believes in smaller government, low taxes and individual responsibility. President Obama believes in Socialism, Big government, and higher taxes to pay for the expansion of government to provide the group rights (needs, wants and desires) that his supporters are demanding and that he will pay for through higher taxes on the working class. In other words, he wants to create a Socialist America.
       Trump is a true American and a genuine threat to expose what is going on in government today. He needs to be part of the national debate that is coming.
Tom McElwee

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