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Too many questions remain on funding ag arena
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      There was so much in the article in the paper, Sunday, May 15 concerning the county and the 14-year -old "voted in" what is now being called Ag Arena, entitled "County Looks to Move on Ag Arena."
      First - How surprising it seems none of our elected commissioners of this county seem to recall, there is a law of the country, a law of the state - statute of limitations - which stipulates the number of years as seven to be the length of time and limitation of on actions of legality.
      By that time, if it is not acted on, they die, are nullified, are of no value. This vote of 1997 is long past that; twice as long, in fact.
      Second - quotes by several of the commissioners about how "the public" had (has) a misconception the "arena" was to be a horse arena. Read back - that is what the public was told. No misconception of all of us who just cannot know and understand the intricacies and nomenclature concerning the monetary gathering, usage and expenditure of taxes and their uses in our homeland.
      We read what was put out there. Now - change is at hand.
      The highly paid "consultants" deemed the bottom line professionals who know what is best for us and our government and the running of were wrong! We will now hire more highly paid consultants who will juggle and present for us a presentation that will notate, explain and aver to us what those who hired him (her, them) wish to see and wish to hear.   These bring trustworthy and design professionals. The first ones were not trustworthy and professional? Why were they hired?
      We "truly" need gun shows! It seems explicit that the criteria of having stalls being necessary for success, as Dublin did not have stalls and failed, renews the first concept -still sounds like a horse arena.
      Whatever happened to the concept of a large auditorium? There is not one for public use here. Seems Jacksonville's "arena" did fine until the local government withdrew subsidizing it; then, it too failed.
      When can we see cost and revenue, profit and loss without the hocus-pocus of convoluted formulae, which nobody - not even GSU who invented the most used formulae - can ever explain? If they just indicate more than ifs, maybes or could bes, we might take this proposed idea seriously.
      Great Dane was given 115 acres. No contract of guarantees on anything. And, so far we have gained nothing.
Bulloch County underwriting GSU up to $48 million so bond buyers would have to pay no taxes back to the county on their bonds - costing our county $232,000 annually in tax revenue. Our taxpayers have no reason to ever float loans for Georgia Southern University, a state university under the edict of the Georgia Board of Regents.
      Both of these last actions under the edict of Bulloch County Development Authority rather than our elected official, commissioners, which surely have done nothing to enhance the lives or livelihood of the citizens of this county. They mostly have deprived us of what might have been with thought and air-tight contracts - neither of which we got.
      Oh yes, and a swimming area for people not of our own, being used mostly not by our own.
      So far, I can see little to no value of SPLOST to our county and our people. Seems it simply gives the idea there are monies to burn - and a lot of it surely has been burned.

E. Ruth Green, Ph.D.

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