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To remain free, America must always remain a Christian nation
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      I am about to write a letter that will probably brand me a “racist.”.What is unfortunate about this is that I am not a racist and I am writing this as a way to provide information to anyone who is interested. The hate mongers have turned the words around to the point where “anti-racist” now means “anti-white.” For those of you who have been reading my letters over the last couple of years, I hope all will agree I try to be fair and to always provide facts. This letter is written in the same style.
      There is an agenda that is going on now that many in this country don’t see. There is an ongoing destruction of the white (Caucasian) Christian race. Worldwide, there is only a population of 8% of the human race that is “white Christian.” There is a move in Europe to “Islamify” the population. Today there are over 104 million Muslims in Europe and the birth rate of non-Caucasians is many times that of Caucasians.
      In the United States in 1970, there were about 100,000 Muslims. Today, there are 9 million. I believe that Moammar Kadafi of Libya said it best when he stated that Islam would take over Europe without firing a shot or having a war. It will only require the influx of Muslims into the countries of Europe. That is exactly what is happening today. 
America is the greatest nation in the world, and much of the reason is due to the freedoms that Christians provided the population through the Constitution. America needs a melting pot population of immigrants to continue to make us the greatest nation on earth. However, with the recent attacks on America and Europe by Islamic fundamentalists, it is important that “We the People” stand up and begin to see what is happening to our country. If we ever cease to be a Christian nation, we will cease to be a free nation. The constant attacks by the left and the continued branding the white race as problem instead of a part of a solution will only widen the culture war. Hollywood, the left wing of the Democratic Party, and the unions are bringing this nation to its knees.  If “We the People” don’t stand up and let our voices be heard, the time is not too far off when our Constitution will be nothing more than a worthless piece of paper.
      I write this letter with hope. Hope that, as Martin Luther King said, all Americans – white, black, rich, and poor – can be free to be what God has made us to be. No, I am not a racist; I am a realist. I see a great danger in America. God is being kicked out of our schools, out of our books, out of our laws, and out of our courts. He is knocking on America’s door, but  We the People must hear the knock and be willing to open the door for Him to enter. To Christians of all creeds, colors, and nationalities, we must take a stand. As Benjamin Franklin said many years ago; “We must all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately.”
      May God bless America, and each of you – black, brown, red, yellow, and white.
Tom Grovenstein

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