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Time to stop taxing the people
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      When will our politicians stop taxing and spending the people's money? Once again, I read they want to add yet another SPLOST tax to the 7 percent we already have. This one is for transportation. They believe they can raise $900 million over a 10-year period from Bulloch County taxpayers.
      They say they need the money to widen U.S. Highways 80 and 301 and for the completion of bike routes. Do not fall for this nonsense. Both roads are in fine shape. If they need widening, use federal transportation dollars to improve them. They are U.S. highways. As for the bike routes, give the taxpayers a break. Bike routes are not something government should spend money to build. Stop the taxing and spending.
      The $900 million they plan to collect will be taken out of our local economy and will have a negative impact on our economic recovery. Money spent by the people turns over several times in our local economy. Let the people keep their money to spend in our local economy. It will create jobs and economic development.
      Finally, why schedule a vote on this new tax; that only requires a simple majority, in August of 2012? Why not have the people vote in November's presidential election? Could it be that few would vote in August compared to November making it easier to pass? Tell the City Council and County Commission this is a bad idea.
Tom McElwee

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