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The overwhelming need for campaign finance reform
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          Last Sunday’s editorial on this subject pointed out a very serious problem in our political system. The problem is the buying of elections and who is doing the buying. All the money needed to run an effective campaign today has corrupted Washington and our State Houses. Nothing is free and we have vote buying at the highest level.
      We can put a stop to it with a common sense solution.
1. Only U.S. citizens can give money.
2. You can only give to a candidate that you can vote for.
3. Limit the amount to $1,000 dollars for a primary and $1,000 dollars for a general election.
4. Names and amounts are kept private, but can be reviewed in a disputed election to insure no rules were violated.
5. All unused campaign funds must be given to the U.S. Treasury to help pay off the National debt.
      That’s it, no corporations, unions, political action groups, fat cats, and so on can give money or use their money and influence to do mail-outs, phone calling, or any other get out the vote effort. Only the candidate can organize these efforts.
      This would level the playing field as best as it can be leveled and why the politicians would never vote for a common sense solution.
Tom McElwee

P.S. I would like to thank all of you who supported my campaign. You are great Americans.

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