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The left just doesn't get it in almost every area
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      Before getting to the topic at hand today, I wish to respond to Mr. Michael Neilsen’s letter of last Sunday. He stated that “No, white Christians are not under attack.” Nowhere in my article did I say they were. The editor did put a heading on my letter -  “Is the white Christian race under attack?” but that was not my heading. Actually, Mr. Neilsen’s letter helps to show my point. White Christians are a part of the minority in almost every country, and I don’t mind that. What I do mind is that we are constantly shown to be the “bad guy” in so many situations where it simply isn’t true. So, Mr. Neilsen, thank you for your letter and for helping me make my point!
      Arizona has just passed an immigration bill that will give the law enforcement authorities more power to catch illegal aliens. However, the law is almost certainly unconstitutional. What makes this law so interesting is that it was precipitated by a totally inept president and congress. States along the border with Mexico are at war with smugglers, deadbeats, murderers, and other assorted bad guys. Those states have been begging for help from the federal government without any real assistance given. Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary and once governor of Arizona said it would hurt our relations with Mexico. So? I would think the billions of dollars in drugs and the thousands of felons that cross the borders was already doing that.
      The “left” just doesn’t get it. America is getting tired of the constant bashing of our Constitution and the run away spending on things that we are not even aware of. It is time that “We the People” take a stand. The media is almost totally ignoring the real stories that need to be told. How much have you heard about the involvement of Obama’s top advisors in the Goldman Sachs banking disaster? Our Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner has ties to both Goldman Sachs and to AIG. The president accepted and then refused to return, one million dollars from Goldman Sachs.
      The situation with the economy is another area where the media is simply not getting the truth out. At present, America has a ratio of debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 35 to 100. That is still in an acceptable range. (The lower the first number – the debt – the better). With the present monetary policy that is in place by the Obama administration, by 2018 the ration will be close to 100 to 100. That will be a total collapse of any trust in our currency, the dollar, as well as any hope of our children having a life that is even close to being as good as ours.
      America, citizens of Bulloch County, please take the time to learn what is going on in our nation. You won’t get the truth from the news. The government – the left and right – don’t have a clue as to how to fix the many problems that our country has. We need new, untainted blood. (By that, I mean men and women who are not “owned” by the various unions, banks, big business, and others who influence every move they make).
      When it comes time to vote, read, become educated about who will help America, who will respect God first, the Constitution second, and the people ahead of their own interests. Then, and only then, can “We the People” get our country back. It isn’t a matter of color; it is a matter of conscience. Thank you and may God Bless America!
Tom Grovenstein

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