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The Christmas season is time to reflect on God
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       As we enter the last week of Advent and look to the birth of Christ, I fear that America has lost the reasoning and desire for "one nation under God". Although many will argue otherwise, America was founded, and became the moral superpower, due directly to the belief in and the following of Christ. Through the use and abuse of the courts, those who would force the majority of Americans to kowtow to the minority have been a great detriment to our continued greatness.
       Christmas is celebrated by the great majority of Americans for the proper reason: the birth of Jesus Christ. Nowhere in the Old or New Testament are we called on to make anyone obey Christ. We are called on as Christians to live a life that is an honor to God and to our fellow man. If the opportunity presents itself to do so, we are called on to bring the Word to all who are willing to listen. The move toward secularizing Christmas by calling it the "holiday season" with a "holiday tree" and by wishing others "Happy Holidays" is very distasteful and a calculated move by the secular left to remove God from as many places as possible.
       As one who once turned away from God and followed a very sordid and sinful past, I know the power that sin carries and I also am living proof of the power of God. Without His Son's birth, life, death, and resurrection, I would have never been able to turn my life around and to ask for and receive forgiveness.
       To those who seek it, the Christian walk offers something that nothing else is able: purification of mind and soul and a fully functioning Spirit. Many roll their eyes or shrug their shoulders at the power of the New Testament and what it offers. To those who are of that belief, I ask that you get in touch with someone who fully understands what being a Christian means and give Christ a chance. You just might be surprised.
       Christmas is a wonderful season, a time when people are shown what is possible if we agree to give ourselves to a higher power. History is littered with men who would be gods but only one God who would be man. Jesus doesn't care what your color is, what your sex is, or even what your political leanings are, He only cares about loving you so much that He would give his life for you - He did.
       May God bless each of us this season and throughout the New Year. I wish each of you a very holy and God filled Christmas and Peace - now and always.
Tom Grovenstein

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