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Thanks to the staffs at East Georgia Regional, St. Joseph's in Savannah
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      On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 13, my husband Paul was playing pool at Southern Billiards and Burgers, as he has done most afternoons. He had been there less than two hours when he suddenly collapsed from a massive heart attack.
      Thanks to the prompt and efficient action of his friends, especially Jim Rushing, Marcus, Ken, and Rick, he was rushed to East Georgia Regional Medical Center, where he received excellent care from Doctors Christopher Leggett, Charles T. Leewood, and John D. Rowlett. They stabilized him and arranged for his transportation by helicopter  to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah.
       Approximately three hours after his heart attack, he was in surgery for a double bypass.  He spent six days in the Cardiac Care Unit, where he received outstanding care from three sets of physicians: Dr. David V. Capello (cardio-thoracic surgery), Dr. Anthony M. Costrini and Dr. Adam L. Friedlander (pulmonary and critical care medicine), and Dr. Eugene F. Lafranchise (Neurology).
      In addition to the physicians, the nursing staff and other professional and support staff provided consistently effective and compassionate care. He was released on Wednesday, April 27, and we are very happy and relieved to be back home.
      We would like to thank everyone who helped save his life, as well as the friends and neighbors who have expressed their concern and offered best wishes.
      Special thanks to our neighbors, Glynn and Sharon Holton, who drove me to Savannah that Wednesday night and waited with me for hours. We are very grateful to all of you.
Anne Kleinginna

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