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Thanks to the caring folks at Ogeechee Area Hospice
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      For 10 days recently, I was deeply touched each day as I went to Ogeechee Area Hospice to visit one of my former students and athletes. The care and concern for my former student and the family far exceeded anything that I could have ever imagined.
      Each day as I visited, I witnessed first hand. a genuine concern by all of the nurses and staff for the patient and their family. The focus of the staff was making the patient, and family members, as comfortable as possible during the precious last few days. I saw a real, not manufactured, love and caring for patient and family by all of the staff at Ogeechee Area Hospice as those few precious days and hours slowly slipped away.
      The entire staff of Ogeechee Area Hospice is to be commended, to the nth degree, for their professional and true caring attitude. It is difficult enough knowing that you will be losing a dear loved one, but the staff of Ogeechee Area Hospice made those last few days more than bearable.
      I now have a greater appreciation for all of those that work at Ogeechee Area Hospice. It really takes a special person to be able to work at a facility such as this and the staff of Ogeechee Area Hospice are some of the most special of the special.
      I am sure that God will bless, many times over, these wonderful special people for their love, concern, care, and dedication for all that come in to their presence at Ogeechee Area Hospice.
‘Coach' Mike Sparks
Bulloch County Board of Education

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