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Thanks to Frank Hook for a wonderful career of supporting GSU
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      Let be so noted that Frank Hook will retire at the end of this month from Georgia Southern University where he served effectively in leading the Southern Boosters and later our getting him to accept the Director of Alumni position.
      And what a job he has done.
      In fact he has been an influence positive all the way from the time he was hired as a teen age lifeguard for the local   Recreation Department by Max Lockwood and as the years rolled by he was appointed director of that major division, which saw giant leaps of growth from his sensitive interest in making life challenging and wonderful for young people.
      Later he and his brother, Bob, went into the business sector and did well there.
      But destiny had its mind made up for Hook to take the signal of Southern throughout Georgia and the Southeast, forming Eagle Clubs which brought a sense of place to graduates everywhere.
      Frank is easy of manner; impeccable in garnering interest in Southern where ever he goes.
      And he has gone about it quietly with dignity.
      Single to how he is respected, I could not help but notice his standing next to Paul Johnson the afternoon the Hall of Fame recipients where presented at half time. Two together. Chatting. Relaxed. All because Paul and Frank knew their course and their dreams achieved for GSU.
      I salute him.
      You don’t replace a Frank Hook. You find someone young and strong who will take up his cause and build even further what Erk told me the night before the big announcement in May, 1981. “Mandes, the most important item in the life of young people is the word tradition.”
      Georgia Southern and Frank Hook. A keen dedicated duet.
      As he came to that office quietly without horns and whistles, Frank will turn off the lights, leave the keys on his secretary’s desk, walk to his car and drive easily through that special evening’s offering the Southern avenues “just one more time!”
Ric Mandes

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