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Thanks for the great care at East Georgia Regional Medical Center
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       During the holiday season I had the opportunity to spend two days in the intensive critical unit (ICU) at East Georgia Regional Medical Center. I would like to express how fortunate we are, as citizens of this area, to have the various types of physician specialties and the sophistication of hospital services. There are not many communities our size in Georgia that has this situation for medical services.
       I wish to give my physicians, Dr. Brian Moogerfeld and Dr. Ajay Jain, a special thanks for the early diagnosis of my cardiac issues and for their medical interventions that had a positive outcome of my medical problem. Both are among the best internal medicine and cardiology physicians with whom I have sought medical treatment.
       I also had excellent treatment from the staff of East Georgia Regional Medical Center from the admission department to the ICU. Needless to say, there is a specific culture environment that has been developed by the leadership of the hospital in terms of providing high quality patient care. The attitude of all of the employees (clerical, technical and professional, etc.) were to have a sincere interest in doing whatever they could to make the stay in the hospital the best one possible. I give credit to Mr. Bob Bigley, CEO, for not only developing this patient care atmosphere but also demanding it as a standard of excellence.
       Finally, I wish to recognize Amy (RN) and Dr. Scott in the Emergency Services Department as the first caregivers to treat me. Then in the ICU unit, I had care by three outstanding ICU nurses. They were Blanie (RN), Gayle (RN) and Julia (RN). Each took 12-hour shifts to monitor and care for me in this critical time of my stay in the hospital. I owe these wonderful nurses a great deal of gratitude and thanks. They are the best!
       Then my mother, who was visiting our family for the holidays, was also admitted to East Georgia Regional Medical Care the following week after my discharge. She also received the same wonderful care and treatment. She wishes to personally thank Hope (RN), Kelly (RN), Mylene (RN), Shay (technician) and Sneha (unit secretary) for their caring attitude and treatment while she was a patient.
       Some may think they need to go to Savannah or Augusta for medical care. This is not true. While I would recommend larger and tertiary centers for highly specialty treatment and specialized medical programs, East Georgia Regional Medical Center can manage most medical situations. As a matter of fact, patients may even receive better medical care here than in larger medical centers outside our community. How do I know this? I was president and CEO of large medical centers and health systems for 18 of 25 years of an executive career in hospital administration. I know excellent medical and nursing care, and I received it right here in Statesboro!
Dr. James H. Stephens, FACHC
Assistant Professor and Distinguished Fellow
in Healthcare Leadership
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health
Georgia Southern University

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