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Taxpayers can't afford the tax increase; services should be cut back
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    It is very difficult to sit back and say nothing about our recent “double dip” tax increases. There was a significant increase in the property assessment values and a significant increase in the millage rate. We find it difficult to believe that our county commissioners and county manager could deal such a blow to the tax payers.  Why didn’t our leaders see the reserves dwindling all along and take corrective action by raising the millage a little at a time? It seems difficult to believe that they waited until there was a property reevaluation to raise the millage rate.
    It appears that our property taxes will increase over 50 percent for the next year. Our retirement has not increased by 50 percent. We estimate that we lost the equivalent of approximately 4 acres of land last year and will be losing the equivalent of 6 acres to pay our taxes next year. Where will this end?
    What about the poor farmers, many who could not even plant many acres of their crops this year because of the weather? Where are they and those living on social security, and others going to get money to pay their taxes?
    It should have been obvious that we cannot keep the same level of service if we spend more that we are taking in. If it is necessary, cut the level of service this next year and for several years. Cut back until we slowly build our reserves up again. What do taxpayers do when they exceed their personal budgets? They have to cut back on their spending.
    Taxpayers are not in a position to be able to identify areas of county expenses where cutbacks can be made. It is clearly the responsibility of the county commissioners and county manager to identify ways to cut back on spending.
Jimmy and Faye Adams
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