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Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has a well-deserved reputation as a consensus builder
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      I am so pleased with the Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court.  She is an excellent choice.  
      The Supreme Court is a place where conservatives, moderates, and liberals must work together in building consensus and making the best decisions on difficult court cases.  Kagan has a well-deserved reputation as a consensus builder.  
      While serving as a staffer in the Clinton White House, she worked very closely with Republicans, including John McCain, on legislation to regulate the tobacco industry.  And as the dean of Harvard Law School, she made an affirmative point to hiring conservative professors and facilitated a climate where all ideas were welcome.
       Although Kagan is recognized as one of the brightest legal minds of our generation, she chose public service rather than a career that would have been much more lucrative.  She has spent her time as a teacher, policymaker and now as the chief legal advocate for the federal government.
      As a former teacher educator myself, I'm very proud that Kagan presents her credentials as an excellent teacher as being one of her best qualifications for the job.  Good teachers have to make good judgments all the time!!  
      I'm especially pleased to have Elena Kagan be in the position of increasing the number of women on the Supreme Court.       Having three women on the bench will help ensure a Court that is more inclusive and representative of us all.
      While realizing that there needs to be a healthy debate for any candidate, I hope that our Senate approves Kagan's nomination soon.
Jane Page

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