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Stop slow erosion of our rights in every area
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      Have you noticed the move toward total elimination of our rights? From all sides – the government, the media, the unions, big business, even the churches – are beginning to interfere with our rights. The problem seems to be that “We the People” – that is you and me – seem to be willing to let it happen. Folks, we must step up and say “enough”!
      Here are a few examples. Perhaps the most obvious at this time is the immigration issue. Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes that America should offer amnesty to those who are here illegally. She went so far yesterday as to ask the leaders in the churches to tell their members that we need to have amnesty.
      One of Americas biggest bigots, Al Sharpton, who never avoids a good fight – even when it is in a state far removed from New York - is using the Arizona immigration bill to say white Americans are simply a bunch of racists and that being brown or black is the real issue. No, Mr. Sharpton, it is about the rule of law. Perhaps he should read the law first.
      The American government has now decided to tax carbon. What does that mean to you and me? Every time we use any power – turn on a light, put gas in our car, mow our lawn – there will be a tax involved. This is another way that the idiots – especially the king of double talk, Al Gore – will simply put more money in their pockets. The only good taxing carbon will do is line the pockets of (mostly) left wing, very rich, and very unaffected Democrats.
      The newest numbers regarding the Health bill (H.R. 482) that President Obama signed into law a couple of months ago show that the cost will actually be at least $115 billion more than first expected. That is not surprising, but it is only the tip of the “cost adjustment” iceberg. This bill will be one of the costliest bills, and one of the most abused in our countries history.
      The list of attacks on the middle class American is very long and growing longer by the day. There is one thing we can do about it. In November, vote every single incumbent out of office and put in men and women who will sign a oath that they will not serve more than two terms, will promise to cut spending across the board, and who will uphold the Constitution at all costs.
      We must elect fiscal conservatives in every position – whether it is at the local, state, or national level. Also, we need to make English the national language and return the honor of God back into our government. The separation of church and state is in the Constitution to keep tyrants out of the government and to keep the government out of the church. It has nothing at all to do with prayer in school, crosses in National Parks, or mentioning God in government meetings. The entire issue of “church and state” has gone too far and “
      We the People” must take a stand. It is time for Americans to take America back from the elite class. Thank you and may God bless!
Tom Grovenstein

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