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Statesboro Regional Library needs your support
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      I want to invite citizens of Statesboro and Bulloch County to stop by the Library this coming week to join the Friends of the Library. Friends' volunteers will have a sign-up table there. Individual memberships are $15.00 and a family membership is $25.00. It means a lot to the Library to have their support and our library is a great asset to our community.
      The Statesboro Regional Library recently learned that for the third year, there would be no increase in local funding and state funds have also decreased each year. Locally paid staff members have received no salary increases and retirement and health benefit costs increased. Maintenance and operation costs for the facilities continue to climb. Like other area institutions, the public library needs as much support as possible.
      A Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation study revealed that library support does not necessarily come from those who actually use the library. It reported that people with a passion for libraries and learning are the ones who provide the support and sustain libraries. In our community, some individuals do that on a regular basis as do the Friends of the Statesboro-Bulloch County Library.
       When you come, plan to walk from the back parking lot because it's hard to find space. The library is buzzing with customers of all ages! Folks stop by for their summer reading and books on CDs for their road trips. Job seekers are completing online job applications. There are students of all ages using the computers for their on-line classes. Tests are proctored at the library. When a home computer or printer fails or a person is visiting our town, the library's pubic computers are the "go-to place." Yesterday, a gentleman came by to get his airline ticket to fly home to San Diego.
      The Statesboro Friends are true boosters! They are the non-profit arm of the public library and they provide much-needed funds for books, audio books and DVDs. They donated $10,000 toward the cost of the automatic door. Friends also held two book sales this past year. The proceeds provided support for a portion of the RIF program, literacy needs, summer programs and incentives. They even purchased the beautiful lamps for the atrium. Friends are as RAH-RAH as any booster club!
       If you haven't been a Friend of the Library in the past, this is the year to join! If you've been a Friend, don't miss the chance to join again! We at the Library are deeply grateful for our library boosters - the Friends of the Library - for all you do for us and all citizens of Bulloch County.
Lois Roberts
Public Services Librarian

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