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Statesboro attorney Jimmy Franklin helps rescue charity
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      Few people realize what Jimmy Franklin and U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson did for Georgia and for the nation. One estimate I have seen is that nationwide they saved about $200 million in assistance to battered women and their children and thousands of other people.
      Who would have believed that anyone could get unanimous agreement on a bill in the U.S. Senate? Without that unanimous vote, a charity would have been devastated. I run the Georgia branch of that charity that provides money to help battered women and their children and helps people who cannot afford an attorney in civil law cases.
      Mr. Franklin contacted Sen. Isakson and asked for his help. Just about everyone felt it was impossible to get a unanimous vote in the U.S.
      Senate to correct an oversight that would have removed unlimited FDIC insurance on lawyer trust accounts throughout the United States. The loss of that insurance would have drastically damaged charities throughout the nation.
      Sen. Isakson was told that the situation was hopeless and that no one could bring senators together in the U.S. Senate to save that insurance. Without that insurance, billions of dollars would have been removed from those accounts, and our organization would have been devastated along with every similar charity in the nation.
      Working with Jimmy Franklin of Statesboro, Sen. Isakson did the impossible and brought about that unanimity in a national body not recently known for agreeing on anything. It came down to the last few hours, and Sen. Isakson went to work. The result kept alive one of the few charities devoted to helping insure that "justice for all"
is not a meaningless phrase. Giving everybody a chance to be heard is, many people think, what makes America great.
       I thought you ought to know what these two Georgians did. Jimmy Franklin is from Statesboro and worked with Sen. Isakson during this crisis right before last Christmas. They are both true heroes with unearned modesty. The Georgia charity is the Georgia Bar Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Supreme Court of Georgia.
Len Horton
Executive Director
Georgia Bar Foundation


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