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Some perspective of the Tea Party from a member
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      I wanted to give readers the perspective of someone who is a Tea Party member and why.
      I, as almost all American’s, have sat in our chairs and assumed that our government would do what is best for us and our nation. For this, I am ashamed. I have heard over and over again, why was I not out there conducting rallies when President Bush was in office. I guess I could reflect back to, why wasn’t I part of a rally against President Clinton as well. Again, I really believed that what I saw happening in front of me would “fix itself”. For this thought process, we were gravely wrong.
      So, now that I and thousands and thousands of Americans have decided that Washington is not listening, we have finally awakened the “sleeping” American tiger. I read all the time that this is a “race thing,” but it is not. The fact is that Congress has done most of this dirty work. (Democrats and Republicans) have passed bills that the American people do not want. Yet, our voices go unheard. I believe that our Congress, Senate and even the president are now hearing our voices. My voice is that of a retired Navy man, who loves this country, works five days a week, goes to church. I am not a racist!
      I am tired of how some people view our cause, because we ask our government to give us some fiscal responsibility, to represent the views of the majority, and to live by the same rules as we must. For this I am called names by our congressman, senators, speaker of the house and even our president.
      We will not go away, but merely get stronger and louder. I cannot believe that Democrats, Republicans and Independents are not tired of watching our dollar shrink, our tax burden grow and our standing in the world become a joke. I did not serve in the military so that the American people’s voice would go unheard. And as an American, we have an obligation to hold our government representatives accountable and elect those that will. It is like buying a pair of shoes, if they do not fit, or perform the function we want out of them, we shop for others. Whether it is a Democrat or Republican is not the important issue, it is whether they will represent those who elected them.
      That is where I am at in my life. I am shopping for someone who will listen to the voice of America. I do this for yours and my children and grandchildren. 
       Join me when we rally against those who take our rights away, stand shoulder to shoulder with other Americans to remind those politicians who they work for.
Blaine Olmstead

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