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Richt an example to follow
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    The “mutual agreement” between Mark Richt and the University of Georgia took many of their fans by surprise. I am not a die hard Georgia fan and am not commenting on the pros and cons of the event.
    My comment is about the spiritual aspect. Certainly, we had heard of Mark’s faith and had seen it displayed on many occasion. Players and their parents, alike, have given him good reports. His body language and demeanor in the thirty minute news conference the Monday afterward really made an impression on me and, I suppose even people who do not profess to be Christians. Most of us would become belligerent and bitter for something as minor as a loss or arrogant over a win. Ouch!
    He was calm, gracious even to those who gave him the ax, not angry or bitter, and Christian in every sense of the word. His faith was in God to see him and his family through. I know he is not perfect and may behave inappropriately tomorrow, but if so, he would be humble and contrite is my guess.
    He knows the Bible says, “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) This does not mean that bad things that happen to us are good, but it does mean that bad things can and will be used in the life of a committed, obedient Christian by God for good. Keep in mind that God is not as concerned with making us happy, healthy, and wealthy as He is about making us holy and drawing others to Him as Lord.
    God’s care for His own is evident often, but recently in the life of Mark Richt. Within three days after his firing he is being announced, even as I write, as head coach back home at Miami. What are the odds of his alma mater being available at this precise time? What are the odds they would consider him?
    I have to admit that I was angry to see Mark’s tenure at Georgia end on such a note, but I failed to remember that God always has the last word and He takes care of His own. I have grown a great deal, spiritually, because of Mark’s experience, and I am sure he has. May we all remember, especially during this Christmas season and beyond that grace, love, a pleasant attitude, and obedience to God will bless others and assure His watchcare.
    Mark, you, nor I know what is ahead, but we are in good hands if we are faithful.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas,
Bob Green

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