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Reader recommends Jan Moore for mayor
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As a business owner and lifelong resident of the city of Statesboro, I have become aware that there are people in our community who are trying to paint mayoral candidate Jan Moore as someone to represent the interests of county residents ONLY. I can say with great authority that that is simply not true.

My sister Patricia Price, a Statesboro resident and retired Georgia Southern University professor, and I have known Jan and her family for more than 40 years. Jan grew up in the heart of Statesboro, and after marrying and living in other cities for 15 years, she and her family chose to come back to Statesboro and move into the city, across the street from her parents.

While my sister and I may have very different political views, we agree whole-heartedly that Jan's first and foremost interest and loyalty is with the city of Statesboro and what is best for it. We agree that collaboration with all of the stakeholders in our community for the betterment of Statesboro is a wise choice and one that demonstrates vision, not disloyalty or compromised interests.

We know of no one who has more passion, love, or respect for this city than Jan. You can always count on her to do what is right and is in the city's best interest. It is our hope that the citizens of Statesboro will elect Jan Moore mayor of our great city.

Marshall Thigpen


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