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Reader questions Bulloch business tax
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      I am one of the small business men in Bulloch County that Jan Moore wrote about in this Tuesday's Business Today section.
       I received my (tax notice) last year and paid it, I also got the renewal notice this year.
      Here is my complaint and recommendation for taxes imposed to the citizens of Bulloch County....
       I work out of an 8x8 office in my home, have no customer traffic, no manufacturing, nothing that would require county support or maintenance or any expense to the city or county.
      I collect sales tax and pay all county and state taxes as required by law. As anyone would agree "we as the working class are taxed to death" and sometime after death!
      My complaint is this: Without any notice or explanation, we business owners get a bill for $125.00. It is called OCCUPATION TAX administered by BULLOCH COUNTY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES. My first question is what is this service? How does it benefit me? Who instigated or made the motion and voted for it? And what contract says it will not double or triple next year? Please don't tell me that it goes toward bringing in big corporations because that comes from tax exemptions for that company.
      At the end of Jan Moore's column, she quotes Newman, "a lot of business owners must present a valid business license to do business in another county or state." Well this tax is NOT a business license it is just a plain old tax with an official looking moniker. I do business with states as far away as New Jersey and with all the big companies in between and have NEVER been asked for my business license. What is required is a Federal ID number and state registration certificate.
      I will close with a recommendation.
      Take the tax money your collecting, use it to promote the businesses that pay it, buy a billboard on 301, a paper add listing the businesses and services they provide, radio spots, and a listing in other publications.
       This would promote involvement rather than criticism. Who knows; we might want to re-elect the current councilmen.
Gale Throne

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