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Reader questions Barrow position on Obamacare
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        As a longtime resident of Statesboro, I was deeply disappointed in the recent op-ed by U.S. Rep. John Barrow (Repeal Employer Mandate for Good, July 22). Rep. Barrow focuses his biased and questionably true opinion about Obamacare on the impact of the employer mandate on businesses, with spurious facts and guesses about how the mandate may or may not affect some businesses.
       However, he completely ignores the human impact of the law — that people without health insurance will be able to see a doctor, provide medication for their children and live without the fear of a medical emergency bankrupting their family. With 20 percent of the 12th District without health insurance, I am shocked that Rep. Barrow would completely ignore the impact this law could have on them. Most of the people I know in Statesboro are caring, God-fearing people who value compassion, decency and the desire for a country to be judged not on how it treats the wealthy, but by how it treats "the least of these."
    If Rep. Barrow doesn't like Obamacare, then he should be working on an alternate plan that seeks to better the lives of everyone in the 12th District. But rather than seek to build things up, it seems that Rep. Barrow only wants to tear things down. It is a disappointing attitude from our elected official, and I for one expect more from him.
Jon L. Martin

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