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People of Georgia make a deal with new governor
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      The people of Georgia have spoken and I respect the decision made. However; I wonder was the decision made out of the fact that you saw a country that needed change or an administration that changed its look.
       I hope change of the country is the correct answer. I have to say that the next time someone needs employment no matter their situation the people from the great state of Georgia will hire you as long as you come across as a good old fashioned country boy whom they can relate to. I do have a few questions to ask and I hope not to seem crass in my questioning if I am, I apologize in advance.
      1.    Many of you felt that you could relate to Nathan Deal because you too are in financial straits, he seemed to touch home base by helping out his daughter and son-in-law. I am sure you have spent a million dollars on your child when they failed to make that car payment or a little behind on the water bill for the month. OK, I am being sarcastic but the truth is you and he are not alike. This man is very well off. He has no idea about the water bill not being paid. He is going to have to come up with $775,000 by February to keep from being delinquent on a loan – many of us will not make that much in our lifetime. I will say that he does not have to worry about a house for a few years because we have set him up with a really nice one. Here is my question to you, how can you honestly say that you and he have something in common?
      2.    Why did the governor-elect leave Congress? I am sure you did your research before voting for him so I will succinctly tell those who are still wondering. He violated the code of ethics, in other words he had no regards for moral principles. Nathan Deal owned this salvage company, and the state of Georgia was planning to go private with inspectors that granted salvage titles. Mr. Deal did not want this to happen because he stated that he was worried that illegal immigrants would take some of these jobs he felt that the state should continue to be in charge of this program and he felt that an inspector should be placed permanently at his shop. Isn’t he a Republican, less government is better. Oh I forgot; he was also once a Democrat whatever the flavor of the month is I guess.  Bottom line the $75, 000 that he reported as earned income from his company exceeded the limit as a representative for outside income. I am sure many of you make $75, 000 dollars on your other job so you can still relate to him. I am not making this up you can read the report yourself if my moral principles seem to be in question.
      3.    My final question is one that requires you to put yourself in the position of hiring a person who needs a job. Your company is in the red and you need someone right away to come in and make things happen or you will lose everything. As you conduct the interview and run your back ground check you notice that the person you wanted is in debt and has been in a little trouble with the law before because of character issues. Would you hire that person to run your company?
       I am a true believer in character. You cannot change your character. You may pull away for a time and even convince people that you are different but your character will come to light and I do not believe that Mr. Deal is a man of good character and we will suffer the consequences of his actions and deeds. I see the absolute disdain for the president in most of your Soundoff statements therefore you picked someone, anyone who could help divide our country at all costs.
       George Washington warned us in his farewell speech to beware of parties as they may easily fail this country. I hope that you are ready to pay the cost because you got what you wanted, a bargain or, better yet, a Deal.
Marcus Snead

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