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One ideal of our nation is to support the dreams of all
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      I’m writing to comment on an ideal that has a long history in the United States, equality of opportunity.
      Indeed, Thomas Jefferson included this value in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, and despite the fact that equality did not apply to all residents of this nation at the time of his writing in the late 18th century, as a society we have strived to meet that ideal over the last 235 years. Unfortunately, there is a growing segment of our society here in Bulloch County that is being denied equal opportunity when it comes to attending college: the undocumented youth population.
      Undocumented children came to this country under no power of their own, which is why the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that they must be given equal access to primary and secondary education, as is every other child in the United States. What happens, however, when these students graduate from high school? What opportunities does our society afford them at that time when they are excluded either by law or by socio-economic status from attending college? 
      Social science research has shown again and again that a dearth of educational, and by extension, career opportunities among young people leads to an increased risk of criminal activity. This is but one reason why it is so crucial that we as a society are committed to educating undocumented youth. Of course, the more fundamental reason for such a commitment is that it is the manifestation of that ideal enshrined in Declaration of Independence and it is simply the right thing to do. 
      Thus I implore the Statesboro and broader Bulloch County community to join me in supporting this cause by sending a donation to the following scholarship fund at Farmers and Merchants Bank:
Student Scholarship Fund
Account 1874195
Farmers and Merchants Bank
201 North Main Street
Statesboro, GA  30458 
      All of the monies sent to this fund will go directly toward assisting undocumented youth in our community with achieving their dream of attending college. 
Robert A. Yarbrough

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