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No excuse for carelessness of repeating comics pages
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I have been a subscriber of the Herald for many years. It has never been confused with the NY Times or the Atlanta Journal and that is fine. It helps keep me informed of the important local news and usually does a pretty good job of it.

It doesn’t take all day to read the Herald. There are usually one or two stories of interest on the front page, frequently at least one editorial with someone ranting against President Trump, and the sports section seldom takes long.

But in this depressing era in which we are losing the freedom of speech, the right that one is innocent until proven guilty, and the rule of law, we do have the comics (no Sunday comics, though) to lighten up our day. Most days, especially when the Braves lose, the comics are the only positive, uplifting, or humorous section to be found.

It is very frustrating when one or two comic strips are repeats from the previous day or week, but everyone endures it. On Saturday, Sept. 29, however, not one comic strip was a repeat … they all were. In addition, some of the strips were presented out of order.

If it were a one-time occurrence, I would simply believe that everyone makes mistakes. But this carelessness occurs on a regular basis and has continued for years. I don’t know who is at fault. All I know is the person in charge of comics is someone who is unsupervised and either very careless or extremely incompetent.

The Herald wins awards for quality each year. How about extending that quality to the comic section.

Is there anyone listening?

Doyice Cotton


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