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No appeasing Islam in its hate for U.S.
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      There is something that is becoming more and more obvious regarding the huge differences between America’s leaders and America’s people. Our leaders – and I am including George Bush in this statement – are trying to be appeasers with the Islamic peoples both here and overseas. World War II gives us a very good example of the outcome of appeasement.
      Just after 9/11, President Bush spoke in a New York mosque - of how Islam is a peaceful religion and how the attack was not the fault of the religion but of the extremists on the fringes of the religion. I think that most Americans would say that the last few years have proven that to be very wrong. The recent fight over the mosque in the “shadow” of the World Trade Center towers indicates that many Americans see Islam is an enemy, not some fringe.
      It does not matter whether opening the mosque is the right or wrong thing to do; it is the perceptions that matter. Our leaders have become so out of touch with We the People that I fear it will take a major shake up to regain any real objectiveness in Washington. One area that I had expected to see a more balanced attitude – American/Islamic relations – has not occurred in the Obama administration.  President Obama’s “let me be clear” statements have yet to bring any real move toward a realistic Middle East relationship.
      We are living in the most dangerous time in World History. The cold war was between two super powers that had – at least a modicum – of sanity. It is the reason that no nuclear weapons were ever used. Today, satanic Islamic terrorists would have no issue at all with taking out one – or more – American cities. It is my belief that an attempt has most likely been tried and stopped by our excellent resources. Unfortunately, America must get it right every time; our enemy only has to get it right once.
      The economy is listed in the polls as being the number one issue for American voters. As much as I pray that we don’t continue to slide toward a double dip recession, another attack on our own soil by a violent and hate filled enemy – using an even more destructive method than planes – would be far, far worse. I pray that we never see that day; I plan that it has a real chance of happening. May God Bless,
Tom  Grovenstein

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