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News from the left with NPR
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    National Public Radio presents many worthwhile features of interest and entertainment, but political news is not on this list. A listener quickly finds that almost any item that might embarrass the president or the Republican Party is treated as an indication of failed policy. The financial misconduct of California Republican Representative Cunningham was reported in detail, and it is still implied that Scooter Libby from Dick Cheney's office leaked security information that was later proved to have originated from a different individual.
    Two years ago the FBI found $90,000 in cash in a freezer controlled by Democratic Representative William Jefferson. The congressman never denied that this was part of a secretive Nigerian bribery payoff, and the evidence in this case is irrefutable. Subsequently, a shocking list of related illegal activities were announced that now appear in a 94-page indictment. This is possibly one of the most blatant examples of political malfeasance in our country's history.
    It is very difficult for NPR to put a positive "spin" on the Jefferson affair, as a detailed account might offend left-wing supporters. The upcoming scandal has been mentioned only briefly without the commentary had a Republican been involved. Jefferson's refusal to promptly resign deprives his flood-ravaged New Orleans district of responsible representation. This selfish behavior should be labeled as such by NPR with the same vigor shown earlier holding President Bush responsible for FEMA's failure to rapidly respond to the needs of that same district.
    When is NPR going to become a "fair and balanced" radio station?
John E. Carlson
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