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Nathan Deal has earned the trust of Georgia and our vote
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      On Tuesday the Republican voters of the state of Georgia will make a very important decision on the leadership of our state. This leader will most likely govern for eight years, and if the current trend continues, he will be confronted with many difficult issues and decisions.
      Our governor will need intelligence, experience, knowledge of our federal and state constitutions, and a strong understanding of values important to all citizens of our great state, not just Metro Atlanta. Georgia is facing tough economic times and the current Washington leadership does not appear to have any answers for our nation or state. We require a leader with real answers and not just campaign rhetoric and promises to get elected. With these important issues on my mind, I have made the unmistakable decision to vote for Nathan Deal for governor.
      Last week the Herald included several letters to the editor in support of Karen Handel. One letter noted that the author supported Handel because of her decision not to participate in the debates around the state. I strongly disagree with this decision by Ms. Handel and believe it to be a real injustice to the voters of the Georgia and demonstration of very poor judgment. Another author noted that Ms. Handel’s plan to eliminate the state income tax was the reason for her support.
      While I am a strong proponent for lower taxes, I need an explanation of how this will be accomplished while the state is in a budget crunch, teachers are being furloughed, and the state income tax she proposes to eliminate accounts for approximately 50 percent of the state’s revenue. This type of campaign rhetoric is irresponsible. 
      Deal on the other hand, has proposed the “Real Prosperity" plan which is endorsed by tax and employment experts from the Cato Institute, the Tax Foundation, and other prominent conservative economists. This plan would boost Georgia's tax competitiveness with other states from 29th in the nation to 16th.
      I have learned a great amount of information about Nathan Deal from his many relatives in Bulloch County. They have shared with me the true character of Nathan. They informed me of his annual drives across our state to transport elderly relatives to family reunions in Southeast Georgia. Please note that these relatives could not vote for him. I have read notes from Nathan’s pastor about his service in his church from the pulpit on special occasions, as a deacon, and Sunday School Teacher.
      I also looked to our current state leaders, some of which I have a personal relationship. They are overwhelmingly supporting Nathan Deal, noting his leadership, temperament, and wisdom.  We must have a leader that will build consensus and not divide Georgia as Ms. Handel has done through this primary election.
      When I have asked supporters about Ms. Handel, I have gotten very limited information. What I have learned is Ms. Handel has lived outside of Georgia for 75 percent of her life, she has never voted for a tax cut, she has never authored or voted for legislation on the state or federal level, she has campaigned for three different offices in a span of just over five years, she has never completed a full term in office, her major endorsements are from persons who reside in Arizona, Alaska, and Massachusetts. 
      I am still confused how her out of state supporters know her well enough to endorse her for governor of our state. With limited information about his past and plans for our nation, our country just elected a president with limited experience. That decision is not turning out so well, can we really take that kind of chance with Georgia?
Brant Lane

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