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Much ado about a new railroad crossing
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      It’s cold, dreary, raining and Monday but what a great day in Rocky Ford. Norfolk Southern Railroad, with its crew of 20 or more and tons and tons of heavy equipment, have descended upon our otherwise quiet day. They are repairing the rail crossing here on Main Street. Oh my God! Can it be true? Yep, looked out my window early this a.m. and there they were.  They had actually lined up the rail siding last week with large bright orange machines.
      There was a sign posted in the Post Office here recently that said the crossing would be closed all day on Monday but it didn’t say what Monday.
      From my window I saw lots of angry folks make the turn around in disgust at the blocked crossing but, truth be told, they didn’t notice or ignored the sign at the caution light that read, "Road Closed". A lady in a mini van on the other side of the tracks came to a screeching halt, and was so mad she walked up to one of the foremen and let her disgust be known. She burned rubber like Fireball Roberts getting out of town. The city police officer couldn’t give her a ticket because he couldn’t get across the tracks.
      My beloved husband, the engineer, who in his career has built roads, bridges and dams, hung out with the crew just monitoring the situation and taking pictures. Our property goes right up to the cross ties on three corners of the crossing and we’ve had an on-going battle with Norfolk Southern for 19 years because of their lack of respect for us here in town.
     The good news is, we will now be able to drive across the tracks without having to speed dial our chiropractors, proctologists, tire rotator guy or shock mechanics.
     Since Norfolk Southern has played such a part in impeding business in town those men didn’t have a place to even get a hot cup of coffee. So, once again, my heart went out to the working man. I prepared large pots of hot coffee and cookies and sent them out by my husband. Those men were so shocked but grateful.
     No matter the disrespect of "corporate" Norfolk Southern to me personally, my property and the folks of Rocky Ford I still believe as Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Therefore, I wish to thank each of those men who worked from 6 am to 8 pm that night to finish the job even in the rain.
    Y’all come on back to town now. It’s a smooth crossing.
Greta Newton
Rocky Ford

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