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Mayor, council, city manager owe citizens explanation
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       The mayor, council and city manager owe the citizens an explanation. By their abrupt removal of the command structure of our two most important departments, they have placed the safety and welfare of the citizens at risk. Implementation of a heretofore unannounced reorganization to save money is inadequate to justify the risk.
       Such a reorganization should require a minimum of six months. Explanation to other employees and finding competent supervisory replacements cannot be done in a 24-hour period without creating uncertainty and unease in the ranks of the departments. To attempt to do so exhibits an unbelievable level of incompetence by the city manager and council, and this is difficult to believe; therefore, there must be other compelling reasons to prompt an overnight reaction of this magnitude.
       It is the people of the community who are at risk and they deserve to know why.
Cecil F. Jacobs

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