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Let public buy cable, satellite programming a-la-carte
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      MTV has aired programming that many say is porn.  What can parents do to protect their children!
      MTV cannot survive in a free and open market place of competition. Most people would not buy MTV.
      MTV has survived the public’s scrutiny ever since it burst onto the national seen in 1981.Our politicians have insulated MTV protecting it from public backlash. They do it by allowing TV programming by the big three cable TV companies to be “bundled programming.”
      Dish Network, Direct TV and Comcast only sell their programming as a package deal. Their basic package includes MTV. You cannot by programming that does not include MTV. You cannot choose the programs, stations, or channels you like to watch and just pay for them. How many channels do you never watch or seldom watch? You are still paying for each of them.
      Programming must stand on its own merit in the public square, free from political gimmicks that allow it to survive public scrutiny. A-la-carte programming will do this. The free and open market is where the public can determine what is socially acceptable. The public does it through the dollars they are willing to spend.
      I know …. The parent can block MTV from their child. Yes, I believe it is the responsibility of the parent to screen what their children watch. However, the parent who does not want their child watching MTV still pays for MTV. Millions of  subscribers are subsidizing MTV and do not know it.
      Once again, our politicians have involved themselves and government into our free market place through laws and regulations that allow this practice to go on which have serious unintended consequences in our society.
      The solution is to allow MTV and all the programming channels to stand on their own merit in a free market place. Allow the people to pick and chose a-la-carte what they want to watch and pay for.
      P.S. The Republicans have supported this solution. However, the Democrats refuse to support it. Why do the Democrats fear a free and open market place of competition? Could it be that they do not want MTV to have to reform itself to meet the moral standards of the American people to stay in business?    
Tom McElwee

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