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Immigration legislation needs to be reasonable, targeted
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     While several immigration measures are being debated under the Gold Dome, state legislators in Georgia would do well to take a cue from Senator Brenda Council of Nebraska.
    Last month, Senator Council introduced a resolution in her state that calls on law enforcement to use their professional judgment to prioritize limited public safety resources on criminal activities, not civil violations of the federal code. Legislative Resolution 39 also calls on Nebraska’s congressional delegation to work toward meaningful immigration reform on the federal level and fix our nation’s broken immigration system.
    Bills like House Bill 87 and Senate Bill 104 are knee-jerk, reactionary measures that would burden small businesses, drain public budgets, unfairly impact legal immigrants, and stifle job creation in Georgia while doing very little to curb illegal immigration.  Georgia deserves better than this.
     If elected officials in Georgia truly want workable solutions for repairing a dysfunctional immigration system, they’ll follow Nebraska’s lead and lobby federal lawmakers to pass reforms that reflect our economic demands and our American values.
Ric Stewart

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