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Illegal immigrants are just that illegal
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      Undocumented individual defined: Prohibited by law; unnatural foreign resident of a country. My dictionary defines this as: illegal alien. Question: is there a difference between an undocumented person and illegal alien? Does "undocumented person" mean the individual lost their paperwork to be in our country? Or does it mean they sneaked across the United States border illegally, hired on with a criminal organization that sells their cheap labor to U.S. entities, such as large farms, construction industries and such?
      When these honest, law abiding farms, construction companies engage such "labor contractors" to this common criminal entity that provides cheap labor, do you think these individuals know that in truth, said labor providing company pays no Social Security taxes? They pay no Medicare/Medicaid taxes? They pay no educational bond taxes?
       If they get caught doing so, such as Crider Poultry did in Stillmore, what happens to said U.S. company, who knowingly broke our immigration laws and hired these criminals, that is, these illegal aliens? They are fined but not enough to put them out of business or influence their bonuses for taking such chances and hiring this illegal labor pool that floats around the U.S. like thieves in the night.
      Crider poultry is still in business. They hire local, poor, honest hard-working, but mostly uneducated and blue collar workers - here in the U.S. legally. These "documented citizens" pay taxes and they too support their communities.
     Their kids do not get free educations, free medical benefits and subsidies. Sadly, "most" of these hard working citizens children will not qualify for scholarships and they won't have a "group of like-minded people in their communities" to organize drives to obtain monies to educate their children at the university level. No, these children will probably also end up working as farm labor, chicken factories workers and in the construction industry with no chance of a college education.
      Every country has educational institutions. Every country has "immigration" rules and regulations. Our neighboring countries protect their borders and prosecute and imprison illegal aliens. Yet we allow "anchor babies" to establish a new breed of labor in this country and we turn our heads and pretend it is not really an issue. It is an issue! It impacts legal residents health care provisions, it impacts and influences legal residents taxes required to provide these criminals free health care, free housing, free education ... free assistance for food to these criminal groups of illegal aliens when they can't sell their cheap labor.
      If you are an illegal alien, then you are a criminal. It doesn't matter how you arrived here ... it does mean, by law (and we are a nation of laws) that you are a criminal! You must be arrested and you must be prosecuted and you must be sent back and made to enter the USA legally ... anchor babies should be included. Because you are a criminal does not make  you "special" and qualify you for "special assistance" because of your criminal act(s).
      You may not think it is fair - but it is the law!
John W. Tucker

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