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If you dont vote, dont complain
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      Tuesday America will vote for men and women that - we hope - will carry out the will of the people. The right to vote is a tangible part of the freedoms that “We the People” participate in. Those that do not participate basically give up the right to complain.
      The extremely negative ads on all of the media outlets do more to turn Americans away than to prompt us to participate. For a midterm election, 2010 has been one of the most hate filled and distrustful ever. At this time, I have seen dozens of ads running for Georgia’s governor and really do not know just what either of them stands for. Most of the ads content is used to bash the other. This is also true of many of those who are running for national office.
       As a die hard Libertarian, I am very tired of the spending that seems to do nothing for “We the People”. At the risk of offending others, I am going to present part of a plan that I believe will save America from herself. To return to the prosperity of our past, we must put fiscal conservatives into office: those who are willing to slash much of the “overburden” in the Federal Government.
       As we now are fully aware, the Obama administration has spent enormous amounts of money on programs that most of us have not benefited from. The debt has risen to amounts not seen since the end of World War II. Please allow me to use some figures to elaborate.
      Today, around 10 million Americans are out of work. Some of the cities in what is now referred to as the “rust belt” – these are cities that once produced items that are now made overseas. – have an unemployment rate over 20 percent. As long as we allow China – our enemy – and other tyrannical states to make the items that we use; and, as long as we gleefully buy them at mega stores like Wal-Mart and Costco; we will be their minions. The answer is to have a truly fair-trade policy; one that allows America to put fair tariffs on imported goods and to other currencies follow the policies agreed to in international agreements. We don’t need new laws – just enforce those already on the books.
      The next step is to reduce the federal government’s workforce by 20 percent over a 10-year period. This would be strongly opposed by the unions – which are also a stumbling block to America’s future success. However, there is so much duplication in the many Federal Departments that often four to five agencies oversee the same areas.
       As of this writing, our debt is growing by $4.15 billion a day. “As of October 10, 2010, the ‘Total Public Debt Outstanding’ was approximately 94 percent of annual GDP, ($13.616 Trillion) with the constituent parts of the debt ("Debt held by the Public") being approximately 66% of GDP ($9.01 Trillion)”. This quote comes from “Wikipedia, an online site of facts and information. To bring those numbers into a form that is understandable, each man, woman, and child would need to send about $44,000 to the Federal government to settle the debt.
       There is much more to look at, and I really urge all who are voting to look at the facts, which can be found in local and national newspapers, online, and by visiting the local library. What is important is to know what each candidate truly stands for and to not listen to what is said on television without first fact checking.
      The upcoming elections can be a turning point in the current slide into a total breakdown in our government. “We the People” must regain a sane and orderly march into a true Republic – of, by, and for the people. That means you and me.
Tom Grovenstein

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