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Herald should have asked tougher questions of Barrow
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In reading your article about Congressman John Barrow's visit to your office (Barrow: Capitol Hill up to old tricks, Sunday, Aug. 25) it appears no real questions were asked of our esteemed representative.

The entire article gives the impression of being a puff piece for our so call Blue Dog congressman, I would prefer the term Mug-Wump, defined as his Mug is on one side of the fence and his Wump on the other. He takes no side and no responsibility and at the same time blames everyone, not exactly a profile in courage.

You could have asked him about his courageous vote against the Affordable Care Act, then voting for it, a true MugWump in terms of protecting himself first.

You could have asked Congressmen John Barrow why we the taxpayers of Bulloch County and the city of Statesboro are paying 75 percent of his health care premium costs, oh and his entire staff also! The original act that he voted for did NOT allow congress to be exempt. Would be nice to have him explain this!

You could have asked Congressman Barrow what he has done for Bulloch County. What jobs has he brought to Statesboro? Answer: None.

Congressman Barrow spoke of all he has done for the Port of Savannah, and that's great, but what about Bulloch
County? Ah Savannah, where the money is.

Has the Statesboro Herald looked at his campaign funding for the 2013-2014 cycle? As of July 30, 2013 he has $829,000 on hand. Where did all that come from? One donor gave him $193,000 and the (Political Action Committees) gave him $702,000. I am sure this is all legitimate, but there are always strings attached somewhere. Check

You could ask Congressman Barrow, if he is concerned about our national debt, why would he let the taxpayers pick up his health-care cost? He makes $174,000 a year plus reimbursements for working four days a week. Why doesn't he pay for his and his staff's health care?

All the small businesses and the good folks of Bulloch County will be forced to pay our way under this new tyranny called Obamacare, or is our congressman in a new special class?

Ask some hard questions next time.

Drew Cottril


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