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Help with a young person's education
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      I come from German and English immigrants who arrived in the United States at Ellis Island several generations ago. At that time in our history there was no education or monetary requirements for citizenship. If so, my family would have not be allowed entry since they were poor and uneducated.
      My grandfather worked for the railroad and my grandmother earned money working in the Motorola factory. They were hard workers but did not manage to save enough money to send my mother to college. However, my mother was able to send me to college.
      We were not wealthy and my parents could not pay for my tuition in advance so, I received student loans. These loans allowed me to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree early in my adulthood. My parents paid the loans back as a gift to me. My point is that I would not have been able to go to college without the assistance of student loans. They were vital to my academic success which in turn has allowed me to be active in my community.
      There are several well deserving, high achieving young immigrants who would love the opportunity to attend college, pursue their dreams, and serve our community.
      Unfortunately, student loans are not available to them because of their undocumented status. These students have grown up in Georgia and attend our public schools. They deserve a chance at a college education and we need their contributions in our community.
      Please consider donating to the scholarship fund that would send these amazing young people to college. Donations can be accepted by Farmers and Merchants Bank, account #1874195 and checks can be made payable to Student Scholarship Fund. Thank you.
Sally Brown

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