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GSU's 'Platinum' shooting range opens in 'Primetime'
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By shutting the Platinum and Primetime clubs, Statesboro has put an old Band-Aid on the symptom and not the cause of the gun problem in our city and the country in general. Closing clubs while simultaneously financing a new shooting range is hypocrisy. If you believe its people not guns that are the problem, then why did German police only fire 85 bullets in the entire year of 2011 while this total is exceeded in many single chase/arrests in the U.S.? Do you really believe Germany just has an extraordinarily better mental health system? Maybe gun availability just might be a factor, too?

The American Pediatrics Association last year has reiterated that the safest home for a child is one without guns - no amount of gun training or practice at a shooting range make a home safer for children than just not having any guns at all. Statesboro would be a safer place if conservatives would follow Australian conservatives by giving up their guns, voluntarily recognizing that public safety is not a right/left issue.

Christians can follow Jesus during the week as well as Sunday morning by refusing to own any weapons and not participating in any weapons training whatsoever. What if you miss the squirrel and hit the sparrow? How are those deaths in any way not equivalent and why do folks bristle so much if asked? Let Big Heart not Big Brother take your guns away.

Greg Brock


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