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Go and hug your brother right now!
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      Friday, Feb. 25th started out like most days until the phone rang at 8 a.m. - Emergency! It was about our brother Paul.
      Within a few hours we were packed and out the door with dog headed to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Because of health issues and the weather we could not fly.
      I answered the cell phone update calls as best I could regarding last-ditch effort drugs, Colorado state medical power-of-attorney rules, other family members traveling, etc., trying to be strong for my beloved husband who was behind the wheel.
      On the second day at about 7:30 p.m. our brother Paul passed away as we stopped and wept by the side of the road 50 miles from Amarillo, Texas.
      We made the journey to Steamboat Springs trying to comfort and be comforted but nothing really helps in times like these.
Paul had just celebrated his 55th birthday on Jan. 28. He was one of the really "good guys".
      A giant in stature and heart, a gifted artisan with wood, a husband, a dad and granddad.
      Because of him I got to fish the Green River in Utah, walk on frozen lakes and enjoy 26 years of laughter. He was the best brother a girl could have.
      After three weeks and 4,000 plus miles we're back in Rocky Ford. The trip was hard with a dust storm in West Texas, flying tumble weeds as big as the car, a 200-pound antelope buck that tried to come in the front seat with us (antelope buck do fly), a fire storm, also in West Texas, a full-blown snow blizzard in southern Colorado and a large number of idiots on the road talking on cell phones while driving and not paying attention.
      But through all of this and the grief, here's the keeper. Paul was a generous man and an organ donor. Because of him someone else will see the blue sky and still others will live on.
      If you have a brother "above dirt," call him! Now!
      Many thanks to Dr. Mark McCauley and the Yampa Valley Medical Center, friends & neighbors out in Steamboat and to friends locally who prayed for us.
      I may never fish the Green River again but maybe, just maybe, you and your brother will.
Greta Newton
Rocky Ford

      P.S. More details on my log at:

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