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Give Mexicans, Canadians right to work, not citizenship
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      Responding to comments on treatment of illegal immigrant student at UGA: Illegal does not always equal immoral. 
      This country was founded on civil disobedience contesting the injustice f England’s use of its authority over its colony. Much of our treatment of the original Americans was authorized by law, which later we came to see as not only unjust but cruel. Clearly the same was true with the permitting of slavery by our constitution, which  required not only the legal remedy of a constitutional amendment, but much civil disobedience to make this effective.
      The Pakistani government protested our failure to respect their national sovereignty in our effort to bring justice to Bin Laden. Our war against Mexico gained us the states of Texas and California, two of our most prosperous.
      But, General Ulysses Grant said, “This is the most unjust war a more powerful nation has fought against a weaker one.”
      Many think the legally passed NAFTA treaty increased the poverty of Mexican farm workers that produced the pressure to find work elsewhere.
      After serving many Mexicans in Catholic mission parishes, I believe they are providing a strong witness to the value of hard manual work, as our own work ethic seems to be faltering.
      The European economic union allows people to work anywhere in the union, but without thereby having any right to citizenship. Maybe giving Canadians and Mexicans the opportunity to work here would be a useful compromise for us to consider.
      It would give us access to workers, without entitlement to citizenship.
Michael H. Smith

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