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Former Chamber head endorses Jan Moore
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Many people will remember with me 1993, the year that the Wal-Mart Distribution Center arrived in Statesboro. It was the first bulk distribution center that Wal-Mart built and it served every regional Wal-Mart Distribution Center east of the Mississippi River. The reason we were successful in bringing this huge project to our community and those that followed like Briggs & Stratton, Viracon and, more recently, Great Dane is the leadership we had at that time.
Here we are 20 years later, and leadership continues to be the key element in building everything from countries to schools to civic clubs to communities and everything in between. People who are progressive thinking, ethical and are willing to put their personal agenda aside for the benefit of the people they serve are many of those who continue to run for political office in our country, state and local community. We have been fortunate in Bulloch County because we have had some good, strong leaders that have teamed together and worked in partnership for the benefit of us all. 
It is time for a new era of leadership, and I believe that Jan Moore is a visionary leader who can work with our existing council, state and local boards and other organizations and leaders to move our city forward. Jan’s love and commitment to Statesboro is shown by her support of the people and the businesses located in this community.
Someone with a vision was instrumental to bringing Georgia Teachers College to Statesboro. Someone with a vision was instrumental in pursuing the long process of (the college) becoming Georgia Southern University. Someone with a vision was instrumental in bringing football and Erk Russell to Georgia Southern. Someone with a vision was instrumental in bringing over 5,000 new industrial jobs to our county. Someone with a vision was instrumental in building all new schools in Bulloch County. Someone with a vision was instrumental in Bulloch County getting Ogeechee Technical College. Someone with a vision was instrumental in developing the Averitt Center for the Arts and Emma Kelly Theater, as well as developing the Lamar Q. Ball Raptor Center. Someone with a vision was instrumental in developing Mill Creek Park and Splash in the ’Boro
Someone with a vision … the list goes on and on, and I believe that Jan Moore has that vision and can unite other visionaries in our community to move forward together and do some spectacular things for our city. Communication and experience are key elements in leadership, and we need someone with Jan’s communication skills and professional experience. Our challenges are much greater than ever but, with the right leadership, we can rise up and meet those challenges.
I don’t live in the city limits so I cannot cast my vote but, along with everyone else who lives in Bulloch County, I certainly realize the importance of having a strong city with strong leadership. I have always been a true optimist, but I personally believe that working together has worked in Bulloch County.  And, I also personally believe that Jan Moore’s energy, enthusiasm, experience and commitment will serve the citizens of Statesboro and Bulloch County with the leadership we need for the next 20 years.
Peggy Chapman
Former president of Statesboro-Bulloch Chamber of Commerce
Former executive director of the Development Authority of Bulloch County

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