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Exercise your right to vote indeed
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After much thought and prayer I have come to realize this, when we choose doctors we all want someone who has a solid education, great training, and the appropriate board certifications. Before we place our teachers in the classroom they must meet certain academic requirements including graduating from college, passing the GACE, and receiving other certifications. Therefore, why would we expect any less from our elected officials?

On Dec. 3 we have a chance to elect an individual that understands the needs of our community, understands what it takes to effectively govern, and finally someone who has been formally educated/trained on how government should indeed work. My fellow citizens, I have no doubt that Jonathan McCollar has what it takes to move our community forward. There has been a lot of talk about downtown development and revitalization and while this is wonderful and very much so needed to help our community, Jonathan understands that a community such as Statesboro is only as beautiful as its ugliest part. He understands that investments must be made on west, east, south, and north if we are serious about growth and economic well-being for all of Statesboro.

Jonathan's platform consists of one that supports Economic Development, Transparency, Reducing Crime, and Youth Development. As a product of technical education and the University System of Georgia we value the importance of having someone who wants to focus on improving college/career readiness, workforce development, and entrepreneurship. We must work to foster relationships with the community, our educational institutions, and our businesses to ensure that we have a community that is not only ready, but can sustain the business growth we desire. Most people understand that if you build it they will come, but Jonathan understands that if you educate/train them they will come faster!

While we can't vote in this municipal election, I have no doubt that Jonathan's vision will help to improve lives for all of our citizens. Therefore, I am calling on each of you that are invested in the progress of the city of Statesboro to make a decision and support Mr. McCollar's efforts to lead us in taking a good Statesboro and making it even better.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Coes Family
Alvie, Jemelleh, & Baby Gabby
Statesboro, GA


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