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Democratic leadership doesnt taste good
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            I cannot believe what the Democratic leadership is doing.

            From both words and actions, one must conclude that they want to lose in Iraq, and quickly. Why? Only one explanation makes sense. They must know that a fully funded and supported war for the next 20 months gives Iraq a reasonable chance to reach the level of security necessary. Bush would look good, their worst fear. So they want to stall and limit funding; put ridiculous, irrational restrictions on our military, stir up our citizens against the war, etc.

            Their public comments give aid and comfort to the enemy. Shameful at best; close to treason?

            They have not publicly addressed these questions:

            ‰ If we lost, who won?

            ‰ What are the consequences?

            ‰ If we quit, will world peace be here?

            ‰ If we quit, will al-Qaeda quit?

            ‰ Wars are lost one battle at a time. If we don’t have the stomach for the first battle, what about those that follow?

            ‰ Are they absolutely clear that there is no possible connection between the war in Iraq and the war on terror?

            ‰ How do they propose to fight the war on terror?

            I remember WWII. Everybody knew it was a war for survival. From a population of about 120 million, over 16 million (about 13 percent) were called into uniform. Those not in uniform were working seven 12-hour shifts a week producing the arms needed, living on heavily rationed commodities, totally involved in the war. Even children (Boy Scouts, etc.) were involved in collecting scrap iron, tin cans and other essential items needed to support the war effort.

            Then along came Vietnam, and Lyndon Johnson (a Democrat) created the myth that we could have “guns and butter.” We could carry on a major war without disturbing the civilian population in any way. This we did, and we lost that war. Any connection?

            The myth survives until this day. We are in a war for survival, as in the 1940s, but few people acknowledge this. We have less than half of a percent in uniform. Civilians are not denied any comforts, or asked to make any sacrifices. This is no way to fight a war for survival.

            The Democratic leaders seem to believe that running away from the war is the road to peace. Driven by unabashed hatred for Bush, they seem to have lost all sense of reason with respect to this issue.

            They have been an effective propaganda machine (with the help of the liberal media) for the enemy. They have persuaded many Americans that “getting-the-troops-home” is the priority, ignoring the consequences of leaving the job unfinished.

            For six years they have called Bush a “liar” at every opportunity. Calling someone “liar” 10 million times does not make him a liar. Unfortunately, it has convinced many that he is one.

            Note that Bush has yet to call any Democrat “liar”. His refusal does not mean that Democrats always tell the truth. Those who call Bush “liar” may be liars.

            We have had a taste of Democratic leadership. It does not taste good!

Wallis Cobb


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