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County planning for early SPLOST vote extension
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        The County Commissioners are continuing their desire to increase our taxes by over $70 million dollars. They have chosen to hold a vote to extend the SPLOST taxes this November when few people will go to the polls, rather than schedule the vote in November 2012, a Presidential voting year, when the maximum number of voters would vote.
      They are planning this vote when they know the smallest number of people will show up to vote. What kind of leadership is this? What do they fear? If this extension of SPLOST taxes is such a good idea, why manipulate the vote?
      They say the $70 million is needed to spur economic development. It is not the function of government to tax the people and spend their money to spur economic development. Economic development is a function of the Chamber of Commerce, Banks, and entrepreneurs working in a free market, not the decisions of politicians. When you see one of our county commissioners ask them if they are willing to invest their personal family wealth into these projects. Why should we allow them to invest the family wealth of thousands of Bulloch County Citizens on these pie in the sky projects? Yes, pie in the sky.  Just like the other industrial parks that they said were needed to spur economic growth that are vacant.
      This government engineering of the County's economic development is European Style Government Socialism. It is what is wrong with our State Government and our Federal Government. Capitalism built this Country and Capitalism is the only thing that will save this Country. The business of the Nation is Business not government. Get these politicians out of the paycheck of the people so business can thrive and create new jobs.
      Politicians who think they know better how to spend the people's money are socialists. Long live American Capitalism. Teach your children well the wonders of capitalism. Get Milton Freidman's book "Free to Choose". We have lost our way and must find it again.
     Vote no on this extension of the SPLOST taxes.
Tom McElwee


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