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Come on, let's give the pay czar a real job
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       Super Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning makes about $13,000,000 a year, and his brother, Eli, with the N.Y. Giants, earns about $14,000,000 annually. When the pay czar finishes cracking down on Wall Street bonuses, why doesn't he check into "out of control" payments such as these? We can imagine how the NFL players will thank the president for showing them how much they're overpaid!
       The next mission for the pay czar could be an investigation of why many college football coaches earn four to five times as much as the respective college presidents. The average coach pay in the Southeastern Conference is over $1,900,000. This is factual evidence that colleges of "learning" have become "minor league" affiliates of the NFL that provide a continuing fresh supply of talent.
       Rising college tuition is another area needing attention by the czar. Figures from the 2008 World Almanac listed below show that there must be collusion for tuitions to be in such lockstep across the country. Such price fixing in the business world would be promptly prosecuted, but we tolerate this robbery of American parents and children by our left-leaning educators.
       Harvard, $33,700; Princeton, $33,000; University of Miami, $33,070; Dartmouth, $33,297.
       Mr. Obama should vigorously attack the above inequities by giving the pay czar a real job.
John E. Carlson


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