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Column on GSU football win right on the money
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Matt Yogus' piece in Tuesday's Herald was a masterly written touchdown.

He's right. The reason I salute him, this indeed is what Dale Lick meant when, as we drove home from a speaking engagement, he turned to me and said quietly but firmly, "Ric, I've decided to bring football back and I am expecting you and Bucky to get the action going." Of course, I well remember, as does Bucky, many of my dearest friends and supporters looking at us and saying, "Are you guys nuts?"

The theme of this message, if it had not been the guts of Dale Lick, there would have been no Erk; there would have been no victory over Florida; no Paulson; no six national flags. Let us praise (Georgia Southern University) President (Brooks) Keel for his adamant spirit regarding all Southern sports. But he will be the first to tip his hat to the tall cadence walk of Dale Lick when it comes to football!

I was 50 when we teed it up for sure. Now 30 years later, I feel the roar of the fans, the pulse of Eagle Nation. And with that, as I walk through the crowds at the game, wonderfully unnoticed, my heart skips a beat when I hear the Marching Eagle Band. I take a long look at our gridiron, once a corsage of South Georgia pines. And I think of my "dirty dozen" individuals of this community who put their shoulders and honor to Lick's plan. Dale just simply could never understand that dark statement, "It cannot be done!" Add to that his devotion to university status and an added degree to our graduate program, the doctorate.

Look southward folks, and let forth a roar of thanks to Lick, who is currently directing doctoral studies at Florida State! You know, the Indians whom Florida must meet this weekend?

Ric Mandes


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